Extenuating circumstances

If your education has been significantly disrupted through health or personal problems, you may want your school to consider the effect of these extenuating circumstances on your academic work or exams.

Find out how to apply for extenuating circumstances.

If you have used the Student Counselling Service during this time, you may want to include this to support your application.

What evidence we can provide to support your application

Your school will tell you what evidence they need you to provide to support your extenuating circumstances application.

This is often a letter from your doctor, but can also include your own description of contact with the Student Counselling Service and copies of any email correspondence from us.

We can provide:

  • offers of appointments
  • requests to complete questionnaires before appointments
  • emails with referral or self-help suggestions.

We cannot provide:

  • a diagnosis
  • medical evidence or
  • evidence of fitness to study

This must be done by a medical doctor or psychiatrist.

If you have any questions about this, contact us:

If you have not kept the emails

If you do not have your original emails, email student-counselling@bristol.ac.uk to request copies.

Permission to share relevant information

We will only be able to share relevant information about you if you have:

  1. submitted an extenuating circumstances form and your school have requested further information
  2. engaged with our service in the current academic year

We can only share relevant information with your school if you gave your consent when you signed the Working agreement and consent form (PDF, 165kB)

If you did not give consent on your Working agreement and consent form

If you did not give consent when you originally signed your Working agreement document you can either:

  • email student-counselling@bristol.ac.uk requesting it is updated, or
  • discuss it with your counsellor or mental health advisor if you are still receiving support from the service.

If school staff need more information

If your school need further information after they have received your application, they can call us if  you have given us permission to share your information.

School staff should tel: +44 (0)117 394 0123 and ask to speak to the duty manager.

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