Web and online resources


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  • Sleepcycle is a free app that analyses your sleep.
  • Calm is an app with some free meditations that can help promote good sleep.
  • Sleepstation is a sleep app available for free via your GP or you can pay for it if you don’t want to go via the doctor.

Support groups (face-to-face and online)


Sleep Matters is a telephone helpline run by trained nurses to help advise on sleep problems: 020 8994 9874 6-8pm on weekdays.

Videos, films and talks

Watch this short NHS video about how to deal with sleep problems.

Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan talks about how to sleep well.

Podcasts and audio downloads

Other counselling services

VitaMinds is a local NHS service that offers a sleep management course.

Online courses

Sleepio is an online sleep course based on CBT principles.

Professional support

  • If you are having trouble sleeping, you may wish to discuss this with your GP.
  • The London Sleep Centre is a national centre for chronic sleep problems. They will see patients privately or you can get a referral from your GP.
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