Relaxation and stress management

Digital resources


  • Relax melodies provides sounds to help you relax and get off to sleep. Available for Apple and Android devices.
  • Calm is a free meditation app designed to help you feel more relaxed.
  • Headspace is an app with meditations. The first 10 days is free.

Videos, films and talks

A progressive relaxation exercise.

A simple set of Tai chi exercises to help you relax and sleep better.

Howard Napper talks about managing the stressful mind.

7 minute yoga exercise for stress relief.

Podcasts and audio downloads

Online courses

Futurelearn offer a free online mindfulness course to help manage stress.

Blogs and vlogs



  • Williams, C. (2012). 'Overcoming anxiety stress and panic – a five areas approach'. CRC Press.
  • Davis, M (2008). 'The Relaxation and Stress Workbook'. New Harbinger.

Support groups (face-to-face and online)

  • Elefriends is an online supportive community run by the mental health charity Mind.
  • Big White Wall is an anonymous online resource with free access for Bristol University students.


Nightline is a listening and information service run by students for students.
It is available every night of term from 8pm to 8am. Phone: +44 (0)117 926 6266

Professional support

  • If stress is having a big impact on your life and work then you may wish to see your doctor to discuss what might help.
  • VitaMinds offer a free course in stress management.
  • Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for managing stress. The Hypnotherapy Directory lists the qualified practitioners in your local area.

External support in Bristol

Find out what other external support is available in Bristol.

Big White Wall

Big White Wall helps you to get support, take control and feel better when you are anxious, low or not coping.

The online service is free, available 24/7 and completely anonymous.

  • Chat to other members who may be experiencing the same things as you
  • Access a range of tools to help you self-manage
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Access articles, videos and online courses.

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