Home and EU postgraduate research tuition fees

These fees are based on recommendations made by Research Councils UK (now part of UK Research and Innovation).

Fees are likely to change each year to reflect updated recommendations.

Home student fees for 2021/22

Home postgraduate research fees payable for 2021/22
Academic yearFull-time feePart-time fee
2021/22 £4,475 £2,238

EU student fees for 2021/22

EU students starting their studies in the academic year 2021/22 are no longer eligible for home fee status.

EU students will be charged overseas fees from 2021/22 onwards.

Home and EU student fees for 2020/21 and 2019/20

Home and EU postgraduate research fees payable for the last two academic years
Academic yearFull-time feePart-time fee
2020/21 £4,365 £2,183
2019/20 £4,300 £2,150

Bench fees

Some programmes charge a bench fee in addition to tuition fees.

Bench fees are charged when a programme or particular project incurs specific costs, such as specialist laboratory equipment or field work.

If you need to pay bench fees, they will be listed on the prospectus entry and on your offer letter.

Home/EU postgraduate research non-standard fees

There are a few courses which have a non-standard fee. Find out if your course is one of these and what the fee is. 

Home/EU postgraduate research non-standard fees.

Modular fees

Fees for part-time postgraduate programmes that can be studied one module at a time.

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