International sponsored students

International sponsored students need to provide the university with a sponsorship letter when registering.

What an international sponsored student is

You are an international sponsored student if you are an overseas fee payer who is funded by an organisation to attend the University of Bristol. This could be to cover part or all of your course or programme fees and/or living costs from one of the following:

  • your home government
  • the British Council
  • an international organisation or company
  • an international university

A sponsor is not a family member or friend who has agreed to pay your tuition fees.

What your sponsorship letter needs to include

Your sponsor letter or Financial Guarantee letter (FGL) confirms your sponsor's commitment for funding. This letter must be on official headed paper from your sponsor’s organisation, and must include:

  • your name
  • your programme or course of study
  • the name and contact details of your official financial sponsor
  • the official stamp of your official financial sponsor
  • the date the letter was issued
  • the length of the sponsorship and which academic years it’s valid for
  • the amount of sponsorship and breakdown of what it is to be applied to, for example tuition fees and/or bench fees


  • that the sponsor will meet the full cost of tuition fees and any additional course/programme 

If no breakdown is provided, we will apply the full amount to tuition fees and any remaining to bench fees (if applicable). It is your responsibility to provide this breakdown from your sponsor.

How to provide your Sponsor letter

New students

Email your sponsor letter to International Partnerships and Relations. You must provide your sponsor letter by the deadline or you will be invoiced for all tuition fees.

Returning students

You must provide your sponsor letter at the beginning of each academic year. Send your sponsor letter to

If you have not provided your letter by 6th September

If you have not provided your sponsor letter by 6th September you must email the International Partnerships and Relations team, to say when you plan to send it.

We will liaise with the Student Fees team, so they know we are waiting for your letter. You will receive an invoice for all your fees and remain liable for them until you can provide your sponsor letter.

Sponsored student responsibilities

  • Submit your FGL to at the beginning of each academic year by the deadline. Failure to submit the letter will result in you being liable for the course/programme fees for that year;
  • Comply with any requests made by your sponsor. This might include uploading a student status letter, uploading a copy of an invoice or uploading a document to specify other costs.
  • We will only invoice your sponsor for costs explicitly mentioned on the FGL. If there are mistakes or corrections needed to your FGL, it is your responsibility to get this corrected and submit a new letter to as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility that your fees are paid by you and/or your sponsor. If your sponsor fails to pay, the debt may be transferred to the you and could prevent graduation.

Fee enquiries, payments and refunds
+44 (0)117 954 6372 (answer phone only)

Overdue payments
+44 (0)117 331 7721 (answer phone only)

Registering for 2020/21

If you have not sent us your sponsor letter yet, you must send it now, or tell us when you plan to send it

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