Late or missed payments

If your tuition fee payment is likely to be late, you must email with the Credit Control team:

If you are in financial difficulty, we will try to agree a payment plan with you that you can afford.

Late or non-payment of fees

If a payment is late, we will contact you within 14 days of the scheduled payment date and ask you to pay by another method. If you still fail to pay, you may be charged an administration fee.

If you fail to provide a satisfactory reason for missing any payments, you will be referred to the Credit Control team, and your faculty office and school or department will be notified.

In the event that you are still unable to agree an acceptable payment plan, the University reserves the right to terminate your studies or require you to leave your accommodation.

Any outstanding debt will be referred to a debt collector, and any costs incurred will be added to your account.

Difficulty paying fees

If you are having difficulty paying your fees, and have missed or are late with a payment, you must email the Credit Control team straight away:

You may also wish to speak to the Student Funding Office about their financial hardship funds. You can also seek advice and support from your personal tutor or the Advice and Support team at Bristol Student Union.

Outstanding debt

You will not be permitted to register for your next year of study until you have cleared any outstanding tuition fee debts or have made arrangements with the Income Office to do so.

If you have outstanding tuition or bench fee debts a month before the start of the relevant degree ceremonies period, you will not be permitted to graduate.

The University has a duty to inform the Home Office of money owed by international students in respect of tuition fees. If you fail to provide evidence to the Home Office of your ability to pay outstanding fees, your visa may not be extended.


If you have had to leave the University during the academic year because of unpaid tuition fees, you may be reinstated on your course if you clear your debt before the end of the academic year. However, if your absence means you are behind with your studies, you may have to repeat parts of the course, thereby incurring further fees.

More information on late payment or non-payment of fees is set out in the Student fees regulations 2021 - 22 (PDF, 124kB)‌.

Fee enquiries, payments and refunds


Overdue payments


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