Fee payment questions


If you have made an overpayment on your account please email student-fees@bristol.ac.uk. We will issue a refund to the payer who made the original payment. This payment should be received 7 to 10 days after it has been approved.

Payment declined by bank

If your online payment has declined but there is enough money in your account, you should contact your card issuer and let them know.

Account in debit after making manual instalment payment

If you have made a manual payment for an instalment and you have received an email saying that your account is in debit, don't worry.

Let us know that you have paid an instalment and we will move the due date of your next instalment to the correct date.


Fee enquiries, payments and refunds

Email: student-fees@bristol.ac.uk

Overdue payments

Email: finance-creditcontrol@bristol.ac.uk

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