Pay your tuition fees

Pay your tuition fees in full online

Pay online before 24 October 2021. This is the preferred method of payment for all students.

Pay your tuition fees in instalments

Set up a direct debit or a recurring card payment to pay your fees in smaller instalments. Find out how to set up a bespoke payment plan.

Sponsored students

You are classed as a sponsored student if an external organisation or company pays your tuition fees. You need to let us know if a sponsor is paying.

Late or missed payments

What to do if you have missed a payment or you know you are going to be late making a payment.

Fee enquiries, payments and refunds


Overdue payments


Fraud alert

Be aware of payment scams targeting international students.

Countries we cannot accept payment from

We cannot accept payments that originate from these sanctioned countries/regions:

  • Region of Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria

The funds may be restricted, returned or declined. If you are due a fee refund from the University, processing restrictions will also apply to those transactions.

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