Jessica Roy, PhD Social Work


I have an MA in Social Work from the University of York and practised for a number of years as a Children and Families Social Worker before starting my PhD. Working as a social worker stimulated my interest in research and I completed an MRes (Masters in Social Work Research). Following this, I successfully applied for an ESRC-funded PhD studentship in Social Work at the University of Bristol which I am now in my final year of. I also hold a BA(Hons) in History and Politics from the University of York.

Research topic

Identifying and analysing risk and protective factors for children who live with parental substance misuse in relation to their children’s social care outcomes

The study is a retrospective longitudinal study using case notes of 299 children all referred to children’s social care and living with parental substance misuse. My study is aiming to understand what factors may increase or decrease the risk of child maltreatment in this population.

I have a wider interest in social work risk assessment, support and intervention with children and families where there is parental substance misuse.

Studying for a PhD in Social Work at the University of Bristol has been an immensely rewarding process. First and foremost, I have had the space and time to explore my topic of interest and develop my research skills. It has also allowed me the opportunity to take part in many other academic and research activities I wouldn’t normally have had access to. This has included: attending and presenting at conferences (including an upcoming research summit in Hong Kong); organising a PhD student conference; developing teaching and lecturing skills; and undertaking a research placement with a local charity.


Dr Dendy Platt & Dr Demi Patsios

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