Gozde Burger, PhD Social Work


I hold a bachelors in Social Work from Hacettepe University (Turkey). Previously, I worked as a research assistant at several Turkish Universities and, after obtaining a scholarship in 2011, studied for a Masters of Research at the University of Bath.

Research topic

Young People's Experiences of Parental Divorce in England and Turkey

My research is underpinned by the sociology of childhood and a children’s rights based perspective, as well as taking into account the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 12 - Article 13), my study emphasises young people’s (aged 11-16, n=47) voices by utilising semi-structured interviews within two different societal contexts.

The interviews explore how young people experienced parental divorce, their perceptions of how these experiences affected them, and how they fare during and after divorce in two different countries. The data is being analysed inductively using a thematic approach in order to provide informed and culturally sensitive knowledge usable for research, practice and policy.


Dr Debbie Watson and Professor Elaine Farmer

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