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Disabled People's Organisations

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (DPO Alliance)

The Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) is an alliance of Disabled People and their organisations ’s (DPOs) in England who have joined together to defend disabled people’s rights and campaign for an inclusive society. ROFA fights for equality for disabled people in England and works with sister organisations across the UK in the tradition of the international disability movement. We base our work on the social model of disability, human and civil rights in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). We oppose the discriminatory and disproportionate attacks on our rights by past and current Government’s. Alliance member organisations have been at the forefront of campaigning against austerity and welfare reform and inequality.


Mental Health Resistance Network (Activist Network)

MHRN are Mental Health Survivors resisting Tory persecution of the sick and disabled in the interests of their super rich friends.

The Mental Health Resistance Network was set up by people who live with mental distress in order to defend ourselves from the assault on us by a cruel government whose only constituents are the super rich and who value everyone else according to how much they serve the interests of this selfish minority.


Bristol Disability Equality Forum (BDEF)

Bristol Disability Equality Forum (BDEF) is an organisation of Disabled people who live, work or study in the Bristol area of England.

Membership is open to all Deaf and Disabled people living, working or studying in the Bristol area.


Bristol & SW DPAC

Bristol and South West Area Disabled People Against Cuts.



Phd Disabled (Blog)

‘Our goal is to create a space for PhD students with disability or chronic illness to share their experiences. It is only by sharing these experiences that we realise that we who walk this path are not alone. It is only by sharing these experiences, by beginning to talk openly about them, that we can hope that things will one day improve…We run semi-regular discussions on Twitter where you can find us at @PhDisabled.’

Chronically Academic (Blog)

We are Chronically Academic, a network of academics with disabilities and chronic conditions. We welcome members across all academic disciplines. Our aim is to create a network of mutual support and resources for academics with disabilities and chronic conditions and to raise public awareness for our cause. Our team members all have personal experiences with disabilities and/or chronic conditions. We aim to help others with practical advice in finding concrete solutions to the issues they are facing and to share our own experiences. Most of us are early career researchers; however, we look forward to and encourage supporting and mentoring more advanced academics.



The Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC)

PARC was set up to bring autistic people, including scholars and activists, together with early career researchers and practitioners who work with autistic people. Our aim is to build a community network where those who wish to see more significant involvement of autistic people in autism research can share knowledge and expertise.



Disruptive research into what it means to be human.

iHuman draws on expertise from across the social sciences, the humanities and STEM disciplines and brings together academics, community groups and third sector organisations. We promote risky conversations between and across disciplines and do this primarily through our funded research projects. We also host a number of events that grow our collective and enhance debate.


Self Advocacy Groups

People First Self-Advocacy

People First is an organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties. The organisation aims to speak up and campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties. We also aim to support self-advocacy groups across the country in their work.


Self-Advocacy Net

Links to self-advocacy groups across Europe


Information for Disabled Students

General resources for students via the NUS site:


Interesting site about HE in the USA


Commentary piece from the Guardian about the state of Disability Services generally in HE.


Disability in the Media

Discussion piece from Mencap


Sarah Gordy, an actress with Down's Syndrome talking about her career and what it means to her.


A piece about how the 'media' as an industry can change/develop to include people with learning disabilities


Other Useful Links

The Mental Health Forum (Online Forum)


Crip the Vote (US)

Blog for the US Crip The Vote campaign

See also Alice Wong twitter feed: @SFdirewolf


Equality Challenge Unit (ECU)

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) works to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education institutions across all four nations of the UK and in colleges in Scotland. We provide a central resource of advice and guidance for the sector.


Intersectionality Network

Intersectionality Network is a diverse, global, and genuinely inclusive community founded in 2017, our community has arisen from lived experiences of disabled women students and academics of colour within Higher Education (HE). Currently, in early stages of community-building, the Network aims ultimately to connect – and thereby support – disabled women of colour in HE all over the world.


Sisters of Frida CIC

Sisters of Frida CIC is an experimental collective of disabled women.
We want a new way of sharing experiences, mutual support and relationships with different networks.

Policies and Reports

NDTi - Better health for people with learning disabilities


Public Health England (2017) Guidance. Reasonable adjustments: a legal duty


Public Health England (2017) People with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments.

A series of guides about making reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities with specific conditions or in specific circumstances.


House of Lords (2016) Select Committee on the Equality Act 2010 and Disability


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