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People with Learning Disabilities on TV

14 March 2018

Beth Richards, who is leading this part of our project, has made huge leaps in getting into the world of media and particularly in getting involved in change.  A cross-channel TV group called ‘Disabling the Screen’ met on January 16th at Sky Studios in London, and Beth took part in this meeting, representing the views and issues for people with learning disabilities. 

Sarah Gordy (of TV fame from ‘Call the Midwife’ and many other shows) was also at that meeting, and since January, Beth has also met the comedian and presenter Sally Phillips, whose documentary about Downs Syndrome (A World without Downs) was screened last year and was extremely influential.

Sally Philips

Sally was an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement to Beth, and has pulled in a lot of interest to our project via Twitter (Tweet).

This project is going in leaps and bounds and we congratulate Beth on all her success so far.

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