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Forget-me-Not group and Dementia Films

14 March 2018

The team in Strand 1 of our project (‘Getting Good Support’)  has been working with Roy James, Sandie Read and Harry James from the Forget-me-Not group in Swindon. They have been active in helping us to collect our data and to think about what it all means, by using their own insights about communication in their lives.  We are now delighted to announce that we have been granted an ‘Impact Acceleration’ award from the ESRC to complete a practical training initiative with the group. 

FMN Group


‌We are working with to produce a set of videos, in which the Forget-me-Not members feature.

We have already had a very successful workshop on January 23rd with partner organisations who are helping us to shape these videos so that they will be of maximum use for training in their services.

Thank you to the Alzheimers Society, Growing Support, the Bristol Dementia Action Alliance, Uplands Care Service and Southmead Hospital for all your help.

But chiefly of course thank you to the Avon and Wiltshire Partnership (AWP) where the Forget-me-Not group is based. 

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