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Regional Open Youth Orchestra

5 October 2017

On Friday 29th September, the Regional Open Youth Orchestra performed at the Colston Hall in Bristol, as part of the 'Breaking the Glass Ceiling' event there:

This was an amazing showcase for the way in which OpenUp Music has and is transforming music making, so that disabled musicians can actually make music themselves. There was some really enjoyable playing, new compositions which were performed involving instruments and voices, and some performances which included disabled musicians in the lobby area in the evening. 'Getting Things Changed' is proud to be able to reflect these exciting new transformations of music-making in our project: they show what can be done, with a bit of creativity, a lot of talent, and the will to make waves of change.

This is the website for OpenUp Music, an organisation which is transforming the way disabled musicians can learn the skills to become involved in orchestral playing. We are working with them in Strand 1 of our project, recording some of the rehearsal sessions which are happening in schools in the South West of England.

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