Policy page imageThis section sets out the formal health and safety structure of the University. At the heart of this is the formal safety policy and statement of intent endorsed by the Chair of Council and the Vice-Chancellor and supported by the formal organisational structure, describing how roles and responsibilities cascade through the organisation’s management and supporting committee structures.

Trade union safety representative reports

The University recognises the importance of trade unions in the creation of an effective health and safety management system and is committed to consultation and dialogue in order to achieve this aim. Trade union safety representatives are appointed by the local branch of the trade union concerned. Each appointment should be notified to the Director of Health and Safety.

The process of formal consultation on matters of University health and safety policy is made through the Health and Safety Consultative Committee. school or unit health and safety committees provide the opportunity for further consultation and contribution to the effective management of health and safety.

The safety representative report form below should be completed by trade union safety representatives upon identification of any hazard, incident or complaint.

Published document name: tu-rep-form-fo.doc

Version: 1.0

Date of publication: December 2008

Author: Peter Adams

Contact: Peter Adams

Download the report form template (doc, 271 kb)

In line with the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977, safety representatives are required to record and draw the employers’ attention to unsafe and/or unhealthy conditions. Safety and Health Services in conjunction with the Trades Unions have drawn up a report form to be used by all trade union safety representatives.

The procedure can be summarised:

  • A representative sends a completed form to Safety and Health Services.
  • A copy of the report form should be kept by the sender for their own records.
  • Safety and Health Services forwards a copy of forms received to the Chair of the Joint Unions Safety Committee.
  • Safety and Health Services will lead the response to the information received on a form.
  • Safety and Health Services will respond to the representative within 2 weeks of receiving a form.

If any serious matters that pose an immediate threat to health and safety are identified Safety and Health Services must be informed as soon as possible. If you have any queries regarding completion of this form please contact Safety and Health Services.

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