Residential estate programme


Investing in student residences

The University is very aware of the importance of its residential accommodation in attracting exceptionally talented students to Bristol, and in helping their transition into higher education so that they may achieve their full potential.The quality and character of the residences can have a powerful influence on the personal development and academic performance of our students in their first year. Students should be able to value and benefit from the communities that are fostered in the Residences.

Our aim is to offer students a variety of high quality communities in attractive, well-maintained environments, which are ecologically sound, economically viable, and competitively priced.

The University believes that its residences should:

The University aims to guarantee residential accommodation for all its first-year undergraduates and for overseas postgraduate students. It would also like to provide accommodation for more returning undergraduates and new and returning home postgraduates. It is therefore actively considering ways in which the 4,750 bed spaces it currently provides might be increased. The preferred location for the first phase of development is at Hiatt Baker Hall in Stoke Bishop.

In addition, the University is continually looking at ways to maintain, develop, and improve the quality of the residential estate, in order to ensure that it offers a comfortable and modern accommodation provision for our students. Included in the University's ten year capital programme is provision for a substantial increase in expenditure on refurbishment of residences.

The first phase of our refurbishment programme saw investment at the following locations:

The second phase which took place over summer 2011 included:

The third phase for summer 2012 is likely to include: