Screen Research @ Bristol

Screen Research @ Bristol is an interdisciplinary group working in screen studies, a broad field that incorporates film, television and digital media technologies. The theme explores screen research in its broadest sense, incorporating comparative studies of historical periods and contexts; a theoretical understanding of screen media; and methodologies including the analysis of text-based and archive material and practice-based work.

The research theme comprises colleagues from across the University, including the Departments of Archaeology and Anthropology; Classics and Ancient History; Drama: Theatre, Film, Television; French; Geographical Sciences; Historical Studies; History of Art; Italian; Music; Politics; Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies; and Russian.

Screen Research @ Bristol provides a forum for the development of research into key areas which are already established as individual and group themes of research expertise. These include:

  • national/trans-national cinemas
  • film stars and their reception
  • theatre, literature, television and cinema
  • classical antiquity and cinema
  • cinema, biography and autobiography
  • colour film aesthetics and technologies
  • film and colonialism
  • gender and sexuality
  • audiences and reception
  • the impact of digital technologies
  • adaptation
  • historical studies/methodologies
  • screen media and music
  • online analysis and annotation tools for screenworks (JISC-funded STARS tool)
  • place, space and small screenworks
  • practice-as-research.

Activities include workshops funded by the Institute for Advanced Studies on the theme of ‘Screen Forms and their Reception: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’. Events have included:

  • The Impact of Eisenstein
  • A Close-Up on Close-Ups
  • Screen Conversations – World Cinema: in theory; on screen
  • Audiences and Reception· Screen Acting
  • Collaborations with the ‘Word Unbecoming Flesh’ project, supported by BIRTHA· Participation in WUN virtual seminar series

Further information

Colour Film Project
Screen forms and their Reception: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Institute for Advanced Studies)


Professor Sarah Street
Theme leader
+44 (0)117 331 5090

Dr Catherine O'Rawe
Theme leader
+44 (0)117 331 6760

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