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Study abroad options

Students taking Religion and Theology single honours may normally spend a teaching block abroad in year two as a possible choice, and as from 2017 students taking the new MLibArts Liberal Arts with Study Abroad spend their third year at one of our partner institutions.The department has exchange agreements with institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and numerous European institutions. Currently our partner institutions are in Canada (McMaster University, McGill University), the United States (University of Richmond, University of Rochester, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Australia (University of Sydney), Singapore (University of Singapore), Japan (University of Waseda (Tokyo)), and in various European countries (University of Dublin Trinity College (Ireland), University of Leiden (Netherlands), KU Leuven (Belgium), Karl-Franzens-Universität (Austria), Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (Germany). We are additionally building up further links with prestigious international institutions in Asia and elsewhere.

Our undergraduate teaching

We are a small, friendly department, and accept around 40 students a year onto our single- and joint-honours courses. Our teaching is informed directly by the research undertaken by our academics, providing you with the latest critical thought from our leading experts.

Our courses focus on the study of the Bible, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, with aspects of Islam, the Philosophy of Religion, as well as Chinese and Japanese religions also explored.

For more on the nature of our degree, see: 

Why study religion and theology at Bristol?

Helping students find their voice

Professor Carolyn Muessig and former BA student Jess Cheetham discuss how their exploration of 'the body and theology' has led to a fruitful academic path for Jess.

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The staff have been excellent, I've gotten to know everybody here by first name. They're all so lovely and warm-hearted and will go the extra mile to help you, recognising if you need extra support.

Rebecca Hornsby (BA Theology and Religious Studies 2013)

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