Quantum in the Summer

Our quantum summer school brings together students at A-Level to learn more about physics and engineering with the hope that it will inspire a future generation of students to pursue a career in science.

Light has been at the heart of the many important breakthroughs in physics, from Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism to Einstein's theory of relativity. Light is at the origin of quantum mechanics, and is currently playing a large part in the quantum information technology revolution.

Beginning with the basics of classical optics through a mix of lab work and lectures, the students learn about classical & quantum computing/algorithms and quantum key distribution. In addition to this, the instructors of the summer school share their personal experiences as scientists, providing useful tips for successful research and making the students aware of the potential career options available with a scientific degree. Evening socials will also be organised throughout the week so students can get to know each other.

2023 Summer School

In 2023 we will host our ninth annual summer school for students aged 16 and over. The intensive week-long summer school will run from the 31st of July to the 4th of August and aims to teach students about quantum mechanics and light. The taught and practical components of the course will take place on The University of Bristol campus. The course is open to students from anywhere in the UK and international students are welcome to apply if they can get a VISA for entry into the UK.


The summer school is a free event but we ask that students cover their own accommodation, travel expenses and dinner. Lunches will be provided throughout the week and we will arrange accommodation unless students wish to arrange their own. We are able to offer a limited number of bursary places which includes payment for your accommodation, travel and food. Please confirm on your application if you would be interested in applying for this bursary.


Attendees must:

  • be available to attend the full week
  • be over 16 years of age by the beginning of the summer school
  • have started A-levels or an equivalent qualification 
  • have completed their GCSEs or equivalent qualifications by the start of the summer school 
  • have a strong mathematical ability 
  • have a keen interest in Physics and associated subjects


What if I need a Visa to enter the UK? 

If you are an international applicant, you may need a visa to enter the UK. You can find out if one is required by checking the UK government website https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

We can provide a successful student who needs a Visa to enter the UK with proof that they have been accepted and have a reason to come to the UK, but they need to provide the funds to obtain a visa themselves 

If you do need a visa,it is likely to be a VisitorVisa: https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor/visit-to-study. When applying for a visa you should select that you are coming for short-term studies. You will also need to provide proof of being able to afford the trip to the UK, such as a bank statement, as well as proof you will return to your home country afterwards, such as a letter from your home school,evidencing you are registered there.Visas will need to be applied for in advance of travel, which can take several weeks.

Apply for this year's summer school!

Applications close Friday 19 May 2023.

Contact us

For further information please contact us at quantum-summer@bristol.ac.uk.

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