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NBU researchers conduct a live immersive food experiment at At-Bristol's After Hours event

9 June 2016

Last night, as part of a collaborative effort with the At-Bristol Science Centre, NBU researchers conducted a live immersive food experience at a public event. At-Bristol, a local science centre, hosted an adults only evening event called After Hours, which was "Sun" themed. 

On the night, eight members of the NBU research team conducted an experiment with nearly 80 members of the public. The aim of the experiment was to demonstrate the well-established effect of food variety on food consumption, known as the “variety effect.” The variety effect refers to the fact that more food is consumed when there is greater sensory variety in a single portion. In this study, we tested the effect of popcorn variety (salted, sweet, or mixed) on popcorn consumption. All participants were provided with a pre-weighed portion of one of these three types of popcorn. Participants were asked to enter a large, beach-themed room with their popcorn. Headphones were provided and participants were asked to listen to the story being told to them. Individuals were asked to eat as much popcorn as they would like during the 10 minute recording of a "Holiday in the sun."

Live data processing took place on-site, with researchers collecting and weighing the leftover popcorn after the experiment. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the results with lead members of the research team after completing the experiment.

Watch this page! Photographs and results from the live experiment will be uploaded here shortly!


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