The simulator has been constructed using the science of quantum physics and the real results from the many years of research that has been completed on the chip.  This means that this simulator is an exceedingly close representation of the real device and is great for trying out different experiments without having to use the real quantum processor.

We have prepared a step by step guide that you can follow, so you can do your own quantum physics experiments.  When in the simulator click on the spanner in the top right and you can set the simulator to run in either the classical or quantum modes, you’ll see there is a difference between the outputs for the same inputs.  You can prove which the correct answer is by doing an experiment.  To do this take a real quantum particle, in this case a photon and inject it in to the real processor, then compare your answers.

We hope you enjoy constructing and running your own simulated experiments and comparing the results with the real processor.  When you have finished using the simulator, click on the back arrow in your browser to return to this page.




Quantum Simulator

Try out the simulator, adjust the phase shifters and inject photons in to different ports, click on the output ports to see the statistics. Enjoy!

Processor information (PDF, 227kB)

How-to guide (PDF, 414kB)

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