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 Athena SWAN Silver award

Athena SWAN Charter for Women in Science

Neurons scans, by Abigail Benn, PhD student

'Brain Scan' showing slices through the prefrontal cortex, by Abigail Benn, PhD student

Tutor measuring student's blood pressure
Tutor at blackboard giving a lecture
Technician staining a slide in Histology Prep Lab
Tutor demonstrating Human Patient Simulator to students

From the single molecule to the whole body

Our academic expertise and innovative teaching in everything from the single molecule to the whole body makes the School a world leader

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Technician in Histology Prep Lab


Our work is focused across the themes of cardiovascular science, cell biology and neuroscience. More about our research »



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Research highlights

Professor Zafar Bashir and Dr Jack Mellor discuss their research into synaptic plasticity.

Still from film about synaptic plasticity Watch video

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