eBiolabs in practice

eBiolabs supports many different subjects within the biosciences. All students in the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences use it to help them to carry out successful experiments in the laboratory.

The eBiolabs story

We created eBiolabs because our academics are passionate about science, and learning science without laboratory work is like learning French without going to France. Our students work with world-leading scientists to create ground-breaking research and eBiolabs helps them prepare for that experience.

A dynamic laboratory manual

GU award smlBecause eBiolabs integrates quizzes, coursework submission and automated marking systems as well as feedback and attendance tracking, it has radically changed the student and staff experience. Runner-up for the Guardian University Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013, eBiolabs is a dynamic laboratory manual for the 21st century. It replaces printed manuals with high quality multimedia videos and interactive animations. By practising methods and techniques online our students gain experience and confidence, and this helps them to achieve more in the laboratory.

We have world-leading scientists working with award-winning designers, educators and programmers, together they have created a resource that allows students to flourish in the laboratory.

Dr Gus Cameron, eBiolabs Director
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