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Opportunities available for aspiring science educators, presenters, writers, artists, designers, programmers, photographers and videographers.  We work with students to produce videos, graphics, animations and articles that are used by thousands of people. We’ve been awarded funding to expand these activities so, if you want to develop your science communication skills or just need an outlet for your creative instincts, get in touch and let us know what you can offer.

The eBiolabs story

The world’s most comprehensive online laboratory resource for bioscience students, invented at and exclusive to the University of Bristol. eBiolabs is a Dynamic Laboratory Manual that helps our students succeed in the lab. It includes simulations, videos and instructional text as well as a comprehensive suite of self-help resources.

A dynamic laboratory manual

GU award smlBecause eBiolabs integrates quizzes, coursework submission and automated marking systems as well as feedback and attendance tracking, it has radically changed the student and staff experience. Runner-up for the Guardian University Award for Teaching Excellence, 2013, eBiolabs is a dynamic laboratory manual for the 21st century. It replaces printed manuals with high quality multimedia videos and interactive animations. By practising methods and techniques online our students gain experience and confidence, and this helps them to achieve more in the laboratory.

We have world-leading scientists working with award-winning designers, educators and programmers, together they have created a resource that allows students to flourish in the laboratory.

Dr Gus Cameron, eBiolabs Director
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