Penguins on Film

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A free public event in association with the 8th International Penguin Conference, which ran from 2 to 6 September 2013 at the University of Bristol.

A world leading panel of experts will discussed their experiences working with penguins; it included Elizabeth White, one of the Directors of ‘The Frozen Planet’, who did much of the filming for the Frozen Planet series. There was a screening and discussion of BBC Natural History Unit footage on 'Criminal penguins' (stone-stealing Adelie penguins whose behaviour was observed and film during 4 months spent in the colony) and 'Penguins can fly' (super slow motion filming of Emperors returning to the floe edge).

This event took place on Wednesday 4 September

Penguins on ice Penguin with chick Penguin in Arizona

It is hoped that 'penguin-cams' used in the BBC series 'The Spy in the Huddle' will be roaming the venue and filming the audience and books written by the panel members and other delegates at the International Penguin Conference will be on display in the Reception Room.

The panel included: