Royal Society talk - Professor Bruce Hood

Professor Bruce Hood and colleague

Professor Hood (R) with Robert Dufton (Chairman, London Branch of The Alumni Association -L)

The Domesticated Brain

The Royal Society, London
Monday 12 May 2014

The human brain has shrunk by 20 per cent since the end of the last Ice Age. Curiously, so has the brain of every species of mammal domesticated by humans. But why?

In his talk, Professor Bruce Hood explained the evolution of brain mechanisms that enable us to co-exist by co-operation, and looked at how we've become dependent on others. Why do we care what others think? What keeps us bound together? How does the brain shape our behaviour?

Professor Hood is an award-winning psychologist and Director of the Cognitive Development Centre at the University of Bristol. In 2011, he delivered the televised Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures.

Professor Bruce Hood talk