Professor Ian Collinson - inaugural lecture

Professor of Biochemistry Professor Ian Collinson
School of Biochemistry
This lecture took place on Tuesday 5 March 2013

A Journey Through the Membrane

Biological membranes separate and define our cells. They also harbour the powerhouses and vital transport and communication systems. The last 20 years has seen overwhelming advances, dispelling the mantra bemoaning of our lack of understanding of membrane systems. This lecture will recount a journey across the membrane to the other side.

Professor Ian Collinson - inaugural lecture

Professor Collinson obtained his PhD in 1995 from the MRC Laboratory of Nobel Prize-winner Professor Sir John Walker, who, along with American chemist Paul D Boyer, is credited with elucidating the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate.

Professor Collinson was part of the research team whose definitive discoveries regarding protein secretion were published in a seminal 2004 Nature paper. In 2005, he won the Biochemical Society Colworth Medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to his field. He was promoted to Professorship of Biochemistry in 2011.