Professor Kate Tilling - inaugural lecture

Professor of Medical Statistics Professor Kate Tilling
School of Social and Community Medicine

This lecture took place on Thursday 31 May 2012

Going for growth: stories from a child of the 70s and Children of the 90s

Many aspects of health research involve assessing and predicting the evolution of biological measurements. For example, health professionals might want to know whether to monitor weight gain during pregnancy, or whether they can use change in PSA measurements to predict prostate cancer progression. Kate described advances in statistical methodology that now allows quantifying of change trajectories and their implications for human health. Examples ranged from her early work on recovery after stroke to recent research - based on the ALSPAC (Children of the 90s) study - identifying characteristics of pregnant women that affect how much weight they put on when pregnant, examining the relationship between physical activity and body fat, and looking at how childhood growth impacts on later health.