Professor Mike Adams - inaugural lecture

Professor of Biomechanics Professor Mike Adams
Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy

This lecture took place on Wednesday 28 November 2012.

The presentation (PDF, 3,032kB) for this lecture is available.

Growing old gracefully

Despite advancing years, some people continue to move easily with a ‘spring in the step’, preserving a straight back and well-shaped limbs.  Others become physically bowed and move with increasing difficulty. Research is showing us that genetic inheritance plays a major role in predisposing some individuals to age-related diseases such as osteoporosis (‘brittle-bones’), arthritis and spinal degeneration. But it is also becoming clear that lifestyle choices can help you to minimise the impact of these diseases, often to a marked degree. Professor Mike Adams  summarises recent advances in our knowledge of the biological and mechanical properties of bones, cartilage and muscles, and suggests how we can all maximise our chances of ‘growing old gracefully’. Exercise is key, of course, but it has to be the right type of exercise for you, and you must not leave it too late!

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