Professor Simon Jones - Inaugural lecture and performance

Model Love1 Model Love2

Still Moving: a double bill of 'Krapp's Last Tape' (Samuel Beckett) & 'Model Love' (Bodies in Flight): a case-study of practice as research in performance

On Thursday 9 June, 2011, Simon Jones  introduced a performance of two one-act plays: one an interpretation of a modern classic by playwright Samuel Beckett; the other a recent work Simon has made with his company Bodies in Flight, also reflecting on his practice of over 16 works with the company.  This double bill specifically explores the use of technology on stage: for Beckett the tape-recording; for Jones the photograph.  It was Beckett’s insight, in 1958, that foresaw some of the consequences of technological developments for human identity and in response to that legacy, Bodies in Flight continues to work away at the everyday problem of how we use the machines that record our voices and our faces to hold on to who we think we are.

The performances took place at the Wickham Theatre, Cantock's Close

6.00 pm: Professor David Clarke, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, welcomed and introduced the event
6.05 pm: Professor Simon Jones talk
6.30 pm: Performance of Krapp's Last Tape
7.05 pm: Interval with drinks
7.30 pm: Performance of Model Love
8.20 pm: Post-performance drinks in foyer 

Simon Jones

Biography - Simon Jones:

Professor of Performance, University of Bristol, is a writer and scholar, founder (1989) and co-director of Bodies in Flight – a theatre company, which has to date produced 16 works and numerous documents of performance.

He has been visiting scholar at Amsterdam University (2001), a visiting artist at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2002) and Banff Arts Centre (2008).

He has been invited to consult on practice as research for the National University of Singapore, to join a Canadian-based practice-as-research project, entitled Making Artistic Enquiry Visible, as one of only 6 artists from around the world; and he was recently invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts (RSA) for his “leading role in the field of performance research and practice as director of Bodies in Flight”.

He has published in several leading journals and key volumes - Contemporary Theatre Review, Liveartmagazine, Performance Research: on Beckett, as well as The Cambridge History of British Theatre and Mapping Landscapes for Practice as Research.  He co-edited the first book-length study of Practice as Research in Performance and Screen (2009) along with colleagues from Drama.  His work with Bodies in Flight features in two recent volumes: the first - Josephine Machon’s (Syn)aesthetics: Towards a Definition of Visceral Performance (2009) – locates his work alongside that of leading contemporary performance-makers, such as Punchdrunk, Graeae and Akram Khan;  and in the second The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts (2010) – Morwenna Griffiths writes about Simon’s work in the context of academic research.