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Staff on stage during Graduation
  1. Dates of forthcoming ceremonies
  2. Staff attendance at graduation ceremonies (academic/support staff)
  3. Ticket requests
  4. Hire of robes
  5. Honorary graduands - July 2014
  6. Timetable of the day
  7. Information for disabled staff
  8. Information for students

Dates of forthcoming ceremonies

Dates of the forthcoming ceremonies during the academic year 2014/15 are as follows:

Staff attendance at graduation ceremonies

Academic and research staff

All academic and research staff will be sent an invitation to attend graduation, along with an application form, approximately four weeks prior to the start of the ceremonies. If you wish to attend, you are requested to complete and return the application form by the specified deadline to Cheryl McKeon Slater in the Public and Ceremonial Events Office. If we receive your application after the deadline we may not be able to order your appropriate gown or issue the requested tickets.

Support staff

Graduation ceremonies are primarily academic occasions for students and their parents so, unfortunately, ceremony tickets for support staff cannot be given. 


Academic and research staff are welcome at any ceremony, but given pressure of numbers in the Great Hall, they are asked to process and sit on the stage, leaving the hall seats free for students' guests.  We are not able to meet requests for guest tickets for staff.

Please do not apply for tickets on behalf of students' guests as this will reduce the likelihood of their request being met.

Please note that if you are graduating in a ceremony you cannot process as a member of staff.

Hire of robes

Staff processing at a graduation ceremony must wear academic robes.  If you plan to process at a ceremony and do not have your own robes, the University will cover the cost of hiring them for you.  Your gown requirements must be included in your submitted application form.  The robe hire company cannot guarantee being able to match the gown for overseas degrees but will provide an alternative.

Staff members who send in late gown orders will be provided with a plain black gown.

Timetable of the day

Ceremonies normally start at 11.15 am or at 2.30 pm, unless the ceremony is held on Friday 11 July, or Monday 14 July, in which case the ceremonies will start at 11 am, 2 pm and 4.45 pm respectively..  Ceremonies last approximately one hour and staff are requested to arrive at the Wills Memorial Building 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, with their gown, ready to robe (details about where to collect gowns and the location of robing rooms will be included with the tickets).

Information for disabled staff

If any staff attending the ceremonies have health needs or disabilities that will require additional support on the day (particularly mobility difficulties), or if sign language interpretation is required, this must be stated with the ticket application so that we can ensure that the requirements are met. The Great Hall is fitted with a loop system.

Enquiries about any of the graduation ceremony arrangements should be made to Cheryl McKeon Slater (ext. 17040) or Laura Pugh (ext. 88986) in the Public and Ceremonial Events Office, Senate House.

Information for students

Details for students can be found in the main graduation section.