Art lectures committee

The Art Lectures Committee is responsible for organising a series of public lectures on a theme related to the visual arts, known as the Autumn Art Lectures.  The Committee meets three times a year, usually in October, March and May.  Members are drawn from both within the University and external local arts organisations.

Each series of lectures has a specific theme and the lectures are given by a team of experts, each addressing a different aspect of the theme.  There is often a mixture of Bristol University staff and external speakers for each series.

The annual series of Autumn Art Lectures are planned and led by an academic member of the Committee, with the Events Team (Communications & Marketing) carrying out all the administrative and practical arrangements.

The Art Lectures have been held since 1905, when the University was still a college without its own charter.  A centenary series of Art Lectures was held in 2005.  A list of previous Art Lectures is available.

The Committee also administers an endowed lecture: the George Hare Leonard Memorial Lecture.

Chairman: Professor Simon Shaw-Miller.

Professor Shaw-Miller is currently on research leave. Interim Co-Chairs: Richard Hobbs & Professor Mike O'Mahony. 

Secretary: Laura Bagley