Bristol Futures

An education initiative that aspires for all students to encounter the themes of Sustainable Futures, Global Citizenship and Innovation & Enterprise by the time they graduate.

Who's it for?

All students.

Why do we like it?

Bristol Futures is an ambitious project that seeks to equip all students with the skills to be global citizens in our changing world. It's a progressive initiative that challenges traditional forms of pedagogy by combining innovative teaching and learning strategies (things like online courses through FutureLearn, interdisciplinary open units and extra-curricular activity including volunteering, community-based research projects and skilled placements).

Throughout its growth, Bristol Futures has always tried to be first and foremost inclusive of all students, meaning the online courses are open to everyone, anyone can be involved in a Professional and Community Engagement activity, and, where possible, both postgraduate and undergraduate students will see the three themes reflected in their core curricula. At its heart, it aims to reach all students, not just the most engaged, and create opportunities that will build inspiring graduates.

Students are at the heart of Bristol Futures, meaning it is fully co-designed. The Bristol Futures Student Advisory Group consists of almost 100 students from across the University. It has advised the project board on curriculum, branding, the personal development planner and the online element of Bristol Futures. The group is a diverse community of students who are passionate about education and unafraid to voice their opinion on the various areas of Bristol Futures they have been consulted on. In return, the workstreams have been open-minded and responsive to the students’ perspectives. Many workstreams have also recruited student staff to work on creative projects to support Bristol Futures. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the students as well as the teams.

Bristol Futures sets out a political vision of what Bristol graduates should look like. It prioritises values like sustainability, ability to work across disciplines, creativity and conscientiousness, and we believe these priorities are exactly appropriate for the world today. Most importantly, it allows students the chance to move outside of the classroom, meet people from across the University and beyond, and become reflective and self-aware learners through the use of PDP.

Bristol Futures is exemplar of a project that unites departments across the University and has been enriched by its partnership with the Students’ Union.

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