Learning and teaching

The University aims to provide an excellent student learning experience in an environment enriched by research so that students may develop intellectually and individually.

The University is justifiably proud of its teaching and has an excellent record in reviews carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency and a number of other bodies. We are committed to building on this success and to maintaining our position among other universities worldwide.

Learning, teaching and assessment is supported in a variety of ways from University policies to services whose remit is to support academic colleagues.

  • Education Support Unit - provides a range of support for departments and individual members of staff involved in teaching, supporting student learning, and assessment.
  • Education Strategy - established by the University in 2004 and revised in 2008 as part of an ongoing review of its objectives, the Education Strategy was designed to create the physical and cultural environment that will enable it to continue to offer a high quality student learning experience.
  • Teaching and Learning Programme in Higher Education - the University's teaching and learning programme aims to help all involved with teaching to become established and confident in their teaching. It is offered to full and part-time academic staff, research staff, postgraduate teaching assistants and more experienced staff.
  • Education policy and guidance - documents, policy and guidance that has been introduced by the University in the areas of learning, teaching and assessment.
Student in a lecture Students in a lecture theatre Two students and a teacher looking at some pottery