Centre members

Our people and their research interests

Mr Anil Matoo
International Legal Theory, Prisoner Rights, and International Human Rights Law
Professor Aurora Plomer
International Human Rights, Business and Human Rights, International Political Economy, European Union Law
Dr Cian Murphy
International Law and Domestic Law, Transnational Law, Terrorism

Dr Devyani Prabhat
Migration, Citizenship, Counter-terrorism, Child Rights

Professor Diego Acosta
Comparative Migration and Citizenship Law; Regional Free Movement of People Law; European Law
Dr Sandra Duffy

Professor Eirik Bjorge
International Dispute Settlement; General International Law; the relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
Miss Enenu Okwori
Use of force, cyberspace, international law

Dr Giacomo Biggio
Associate Professor Greg Messenger
World trade law, international dispute settlement, international law and legal theory
Dr Joshua Paine
International Adjudication; International Investment Law; International Trade Law
Dr Kathryn Allinson
Migration and Refugee Law, State Responsibility, International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law
Dr Lee McConnell
International Legal Theory, Business and Human Rights, Legal Personality
Professor Malcolm Evans
Law of the Sea; International Human Rights Law; International Adjudication
Dr Manoj Dias-Abey
International Political Economy; Migration and Refugee Law
Mr Matthew Burton
International Legal Theory; The relationship between International Law and State Law; International Humanitarian Law
Professor Pat Capps
International Legal Theory, Foreign Relations Law, International Legal Sociology
Dr Phil Burton
International Adjudication, Jurisdiction
Professor Rachel Murray
International Human Rights Law; International Law; relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
Dr Rachel Pougnet
Citizenship law; National Security Law
Dr Roseanne Russell
Business and Human Rights
Dr Sarah Zaghloul
Professor Tonia Novitz
International political economy; Migration and Refugee Law; Business and Human Rights

PhD Students

Ricardo Buendia Esteban: International political economy, European Union law

Anamaria Fonsêca: Migration and Refugee Law; Citizenship and Ethnicity; International Human Rights Law

Chris Gray: the relationship between international law and state law; international human rights law

Sophia Soares: International human rights law, Prevention of torture, International refugee law and statelessness

Yentyl Williams: European Union Law, International Political Economy

Yi-Yi Lee: Anti-Money Laundering, International Political Economy, European Union Law

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