Benefits of transferring your studies

Transferring your studies to the University of Bristol via the Global Transfer Programme provides you with several advantages.

Guaranteed offer

Provided you are stuyding an eligible degree programme at one of our partner institutions, you are guranteed an offer to study at the University of Bristol. Visit our partner universities page to confirm whether you are eligible to apply. 

Clear entry requirements

We provvide specific entry requirements so you can understand exactly what grades you need to achieve to secure you place at the University of Bristol. Request a copy of your Transfer Plan to see what the requirements for you partnership are. 

Bespoke support

The International Partnerships Team are here to help you before, during and after your time at Bristol. If you have any questions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch by booking an online drop-in session or sending us a message. You can also add us on WeChat


As a students transferring your studies via the Global Transfer Programme you are eligible to apply for our international scholarships

Buddy/mentor scheme

Our Bristol Buddy Programme is open to all new Global Transfer Students joining Bristol. Before you arrive at Bristol, you will match you with a current Bristol student who will help you settle in during youe first few months at Bristol.

Exclusive social events and activities 

During your time at Bristol, we will organise a series of socials and cultural activities just for our partnership students. 

Network of partner universities

You will join our network of other partner universities, meeting partner students from all around the world.

Graduate with two degrees

Depending on the partnership opportunity, you will have the opportnity to graduate with two degrees. One from the Univerisity of Bristol and one from your current instiution. Please check your Transfer Plan to see if this is something you are eligible for. 

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How to apply?

Apply to transfer your study to the University of Bristol using our online application form.

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If you are studying at one of our partner universities you can transfer your study to Bristol.

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