Mendel at 200

Two centuries ago, on 20 July 1822, Gregor Johann Mendel was born, a friar who became known as the founder of genetics. Mendel’s experiments with pea plants paved the way for much of the research that we do in the Integrative Epidemiology Unit. To celebrate, we are hosting a conference on 20-21 July in Bristol and online, as well as sharing reflections on Mendel's legacy throughout the year.

On 20-21 July we will be marking the bicentenary of Gregor Mendel's birth with a hybrid online / in-person two-day meeting in Bristol. Leading authorities will cover Mendel’s legacy from his ground-breaking 1866 paper on experiments with peas - now considered to herald the origin of genetics. They will discuss the years of neglect, the simultaneous “rediscoveries” of Mendel in 1900 (16 years after his death), the development of Mendelian genetics together with the concept of the gene, through to contemporary understandings and uses of Mendelian principles.

Speakers will also discuss the co-development of Mendelism with its implementation in agriculture and the contribution of the ideas of scientists whose work influenced the reception and early development of Mendelism – including August Weismann, Hugo De Vries, Wilhelm Johannsen and Jantina Tammes. In addition, the issue that crude Mendelian notions – together with other genetic traditions – were incorporated in eugenic thinking and propaganda in the first half of the 20th century, and that there was state-mandated rejection of Mendelian genetics in favour of Lysenko’s notions in the Soviet Union, will be addressed.

Speakers will include: J. Arvid Ågren, Berris Charnley, Ute Deichman, Ariane Dröscher, Allan Franklin, Sander Gliboff, Kersten Hall, Julie Hofer, Kostas Kampourakis, Robert Meunier, Melinda Mills, Staffan Müller-Wille, Samir Okasha, Charles Pence, Adam Rutherford, Rachell Sánchez-Rivera, Eleanor Sanderson, Yafeng Shan, Ida Stamhuis and Paul Weindling

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