Public engagement at the IEU

The MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit actively works with public audiences, policymakers and industry partners to share our research. We aim to encourage discussion and debate around health through developing a varied and exciting programme of engagement activities which see us partnering with UK wide science festivals, chairing public discussions, facilitating community initiatives and engaging with local schools. Highlights of these can be seen below. Public-facing activities are publicised and celebrated on our news page and Twitter.

DATA MINE - An interactive art installation designed in collaboration with Philippa Thomas.

Talking to members of the public gave me ideas for future research.

Research assistant, IEU
Panel discussion on Genome data privacy as part of the BSA Future Debate series.
Research Associate engages with school pupils as part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research

It's a great way to learn more yourself. By explaining concepts you get a much deeper understanding of it.

PhD candidate (IEU)
Prof. Marcus Munafò gives informal lecture in a pub as part of the Pint of Science Festival
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