How studying Innovation can enhance your future 

Our education is delivered in a way that our students are continually connected with industry, be that through the academic staff who run businesses themselves or the external collaborators who bring learning to life.   

Did you know that according to the European Commission“entrepreneurship education [our way of teaching here at the Centre] seems to have a positive effect on the employability in terms of job experience, creativity in the current job and annual income earned of the alumni presently in paid employment.  It seems to be easier for alumni to find employment immediately after their graduation and the chance of being unemployed in the first years after graduation is lower.  

European Commission (2012) - Effects and impact of entrepreneurship programmes in higher education.

The University of Bristol is already a highly targeted university by top employers and we work closely with the Careers Servicebut by studying at the Centre you will: -   

  • Become an expert in your chosen discipline whilst also being equipped to innovate.
  • Be equipped to create and implement entrepreneurial plans to take ideas forward. 
  • Have developed the skills to enable you to work in teams with people from different specialisms, backgrounds and cultures.
  • Have experience of working on real-world projects and briefs from external clients. 
  • Graduate with a portfolio of work and will have a network of professional contacts to draw upon. 

This means that there will be a range options available to you when you graduate, including using your subject specialism, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills to either: 

  • Graduate as a member of a new venture created with fellow students.
  • Create your own entrepreneurial venture.
  • Start a career with an existing organisation.

Combining the study of innovation with your core discipline will give you skills highly valued by all organisations whether they are large, small, global or local. 

Innovation workshop

When I was at Bristol as an undergraduate, I’d have jumped at the opportunity to have been able to access a programme like this. These students are learning what it means to write a business plan and pitch to investors, to take an idea and put it into action …. There are a set of steps that aspiring entrepreneurs can follow and these steps can be taught. It is a pleasure to be in a position to offer Bristol students access to people who have been there and done that.

Will Dean, CEO and Founder Tough Mudder

I was intrigued and excited by the University of Bristol’s own innovative thinking in establishing a degree course in innovation. Having spent a day immersed with the staff and students … I am hugely impressed with the potential to inspire and encourage world change-makers to think new thoughts; to fail; learn and iterate and to develop the people with the creativity and resilience our 21st century-society and economy cries out for.

Paul Lindley, Founder of Ella’s Kitchen
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