UOB data classifications

For further information refer to The University of Bristol's Information Access & Security Policy and the Data Classification Scheme Matrix.  For further information about the Freedom of Information Act, refer to the University of Bristol Freedom of Information pages.

What constitutes restricted data at UoB?

Restricted data relates to all data that is not categorised as "Public" in the UoB Data Classification Scheme Matrix: even data classified as "Open" has a degree of restrictedness in that it is only available to authenticated UoB members.

Different types of data fit within different security levels, each of which has a level of risk attached should this data be lost, leaked or misused. The matrix shows the University data and risk classifications, with examples of data that fit into each classification. 

 PublicOpenConfidentialStrictly confidentialSecret
Risk None Low Medium High Critical
Definition May be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world.  Available to all authenticated UOB members.  Available only to specified authenticated UOB members.  Access is controlled and restricted to a small number of authenticated UOB members.  Known only to a very small number of authenticated UOB members.
  • Term and closed dates
  • Staff names, job titles and work contact details
  • Faculty names, codes and addresses
  • Programme, unit and department names
  • HESA subject and fee status codes
  • Anything subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (see link in panel at top of page)
  • Staff publications
  • Student names and email addresses
  • Staff Pathway
  • Available staff categories
  • Normal Calendar entries
  • Assessment details (i.e. assessment types, titles, etc.)
  • Staff/ student  addresses and personal details
  • Next of kin details
  • Staff/ student photographs
  • Student admission/ registration details
  • Individual student exam timetables
  • Staff salary and Pathway level details
  • Staff/ student medical history
  • Staff/ student racial or ethnic origin
  • Exam candidate numbers
  • Staff/ student passwords
  • Anything subject to or obtained under the Official Secrets Act

For any data you need to process or otherwise use, refer to the Data Classification Scheme Matrix in the first instance and assume, as a rule of thumb, that anything not covered defaults to strictly confidential.