Infectious diseases

What to do if you believe that a member of the University community, staff or student, has an infectious disease

Please contact the Student Services Divisional Office for advice.

The University's approach

In the event of an individual case or an outbreak of meningitis or other infectious disease that may present a risk to its students and staff, the University has plans in place to manage its response. This involves working closely with Public Health England to support their efforts to effectively treat those affected, and appropriately support those who may be at risk.

When there is a case, the Infectious Diseases Protocol will be used

In conjunction with Public Health England, the University has developed an Infectious Diseases Protocol to ensure that it can effectively support students who may have contracted an infectious disease, and prevent the risk of it spreading to other individuals within the student community.

Further information about the University's response should be directed to the Student Services Divisional Office.

Information about infectious diseases


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