Dartmoor, Devon

  • The MoD uses approximately 12,760 ha of the National Park’s 94,400 ha, designated in 1951.  The MoD owns 1, 354 ha at Willsworthy.  The remainder is used under lease or licence, including 9,808 ha from the Duchy of Cornwall, 730 ha of Lord Roborough’s Maristow Estate, and 866 ha from South West Water at Cramber.
  • The MoD’s principal licence to train on Dartmoor Training Area expires in 2012.
  • Due to its rugged and boggy terrain, Dartmoor is not suitable for tanks or heavy tracked vehicles.  It is used to train light forces, such as the Royal Marines, who move principally on foot.
  • Dartmoor has attracted military training for over 200 years, since large manoeuvres were exercised during the Napoleonic wars of the early 1800s. It was selected as the first artillery training ground in 1875.
  • Archaeological features range from Bronze Age mounds to medieval field systems, to tin working remains and military structures.