British Historical Statistics Project


The aim of the British Historical Statistics Project (BHSP) is to produce a new edition of British Historical Statistics, both as a multi-volume print and an online edition.

The project has now been officially launched.

The last print edition was prepared by Brian Mitchell and published by Cambridge University Press (CUP) in 1988. Dr Mitchell has given permission for a new edition to be produced and CUP have given strong backing to this project in the expectation that they will also be the publisher. The publication in 2006 of a multi-volume print and online edition of the United States Historical Statistics Millennial Edition (USHSME) provides an initial model for the British project, although naturally in time and space the scale and scope will be different.

A general editorial board has now been formed, comprising:

This board has now recruited volume editors:

  1. Population: Nigel Goose, Andrew Hinde (Southampton)
  2. Work and Welfare: Nigel Goose, Ian Gazeley (Sussex), Bernard Harris (Southampton)
  3. Economic Structure and Performance: Steve Broadberry (Warwick)
  4. Economic Sectors: Joyce Burnett (Wabash), Robin Pearson (Hull)
  5. Governance and International relations: Roger Middleton (Bristol)

Volume editors are now commissioning chapter editors and other assistance for data collection and processing. If you are interested in becoming involved please make contact with any of the General Editors.

Project launch

The project was officially launched on 27 March 2010 at the annual Economic History Society (EHS) conference, held at Collingwood College, Durham. Many thanks to the EHS and to our Bristol alumni supporter for financial assistance for the launch event which comprised two sessions: the first a series of papers (see below) and a 'Meet the editors' session in which prospective contributors could discuss their participation in the project with the general editors and those volume editors who were in attendance.

The papers for the first launch event were in sequence:

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