Research seminar series

The Gender Research Centre (GRC) research seminars present research in progress by GRC staff, PhD students and visiting scholars.

All seminars take place on Wednesdays from 1 - 2 pm in LG.03, 10 Priory Rd. 

Everyone is welcome!

21st November 2018

Rahel Kunz (University of Lausanne) on "Thinking from and about borders: Decolonising Gender Politics in Nepal" 

28th November 

Dr Frances Amery (University of Bath) on 'The ‘Stop Gendercide’ campaign: What it tells us about contemporary UK abortion politics'

12th December

Dr Audrey Reeves (University of Cardiff) on "Kisses at the Memorial: Affective Objects, US Militarism and Feminist Resistance at Sites of Wartime Memory"

30th January 2019

Dr Ana Dinerstein (University of Bath) on "Women on the Verge: Affirming life in a world in crisis"

13th February

Gabrielle Lynch (University of Warwick) on "Performances of Injustice: The politics of truth, justice and reconciliation in Kenya"

27th February

Dr Peace Medie (University of Bristol) on "Africa in Feminist International Relations"

13th March

Aaliyah Hussein (University of Warwick) on "Feminism in/against neoliberalism"

27th March

Rosa Targett (PhD Candidate, University of Bristol) on "Sisters of siblings? Queering gendered familiarity in feminist spaces"


"The personal is political"
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