2014/15 reading group

8 June, 1-2pm, G2, 10 Priory Road
Mariana Ortega (2006) 'Being lovingly, knowingly ignorant: White feminisms and women of colour,' Hypatia, 21(3): 56-74. 
Additonal recommended reading: Sarah Ahmed (2007) 'A Phenomenology of Whiteness,' Feminist Theory, 8(2): 149-168.

5 May, 4-5pm, G2, 10 Priory Road 
Amar, P., (2011) 'Middle East Masculinities Studies: Discourses of "Men in Crisis", industries of Gender in Revolution,' Politics & Journal of Middle East Women's Studies , 7(3): 36-70.

23 March, 1-2pm, room B16, 4 Priory Road 
Chantler, K. and Gangoli, G. (2011). Forced Marriage: Cultural Anomaly or Violence Against Women? in Thiara, R., Schroettle, M. and Condon, S. ed. Violence against Women and Ethnicity: Commonalities and Differences across Europe: A Reader. Barbara Budrich Publishers

17 February, 4-5pm, room B16, 4 Priory Road
Fogg-Davis, H (2006) 'Theorizing Black Lesbians within Black Feminism: A Critique of Same-Race Street Harassment,' Politics & Gender, 2: 57-76.

15 December, 1-2pm
Nancy Fraser (2013) Fortunes of Feminism,London/New York: Verso. Ch.4 'After the Family Wage; A Postindustrial Thought Experiment', pp..111-138.

18 November, 4-5pm
Dhamoon, R. (2011) 'Considerations on Mainstreaming Intersectionality,' Political Research Quarterly, 64(1): 230-243.

20 October, 1-2pm
Yuval-Davis, Nira (2006) 'Intersectionality and Feminist Politics,' European Journal of Women's Studies, 13(3): 193-209

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