Directing staff

Professor Timothy Edmunds Director
Dr Paul Higate Assistant Director


Dr Ryerson Christie Lecturer in East Asian Studies
Ms Karen Desborough Research Assistant, Transforming Insecurity
Dr John Downer Lecturer in Risk and Resilience
Professor Timothy Edmunds Professor of International Security
Dr Filip Ejdus Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Brad Evans Senior Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Adrian Flint Lecturer in Development Politics
Dr Sean Fox Lecturer in Urban Geography and Global Development
Dr Eric Herring Reader in International Politics
Dr Vernon Hewitt Senior Lecturer in Politics
Dr Paul Higate Reader in Gender and Security
Mr Latif Ismail Research Associate, Transforming Insecurity
Dr Ana Juncos Garcia Lecturer in European Politics
Professor Martin Gainsborough Professor of Development Politics
Dr Ann Laudati Lecturer in Human-Environment Relations
Dr Torsten Michel Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Columba Peoples Senior Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Karen Tucker Lecturer in Political Science
Dr Elspeth Van Veeren Lecturer in Political Science
Professor Jutta Weldes Professor of International Relations
Dr Andrew Wyatt Senior Lecturer in Politics

Affiliated Members

Professor Mark Duffield Emertius Professor of International Security
Dr Ruth Jacobson Research Associate
Dr Benoit Pelopidas Lecturer in International Relations
Professor Robin Porter Associate Professor
Dr Elisa Wynne-Hughes (Cardiff University) Lecturer in Politics

Current and Recent Research Students

NamePhD Topic
Gilberto Algar-Faria Civil society as a tool of social control in post-interventionary Sri Lanka
Oscar Berglund Using civil disobedience to transform insecurity
Filipa Brandao Complexity and resilience
Emily Crick The Global Securitization of Drugs
Karen Desborough Street sexual harassment of women and grassroots movements against it
Tilman Hartley Land rights
Nat Jester British media representations of the war in Libya
Denny Pencheva Towards Neo-Balkanism? Bulgarians and Romanians in British news media (2006 and 2013)
Audrey Reeves Post-conflict state building: a gendered project?