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£614,000 to continue exploration beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

18 July 2014

Last summer, scientists from the University of Bristol discovered the longest canyon in the world buried beneath three kilometres of ice in Greenland. The 'Greenland Grand Canyon' was an unexpected discovery resulting from the analysis of thousands of line kilometres of airborne radar data that have been collected over Greenland by NASA, German, Danish and UK scientists since the 1990s. This data set represents a vast treasure trove of information about the conditions beneath the Greenland ice sheet, the second largest ice mass on the planet.

Professor Ron Johnston

Professor Ron Johnston speaks to MPs at the launch of his report

3 July 2014

Professor Ron Johnston spoke at the launch in the Houses of Parliament on 2 July of a report he, David Rossiter and Charles Pattie had written on Equality, Community and Continuity: Reviewing the UK Rules for Constituency Distributions. The meeting was sponsored by senior members of all three main political parties and was attended by some 30 MPs, who gave it a very positive welcome.