Funding undergraduate study

The costs you are likely to have while at university are accommodation costs, general living costs and tuition fees.

You can find information on tuition fees for different subjects and student status and the fees for University accommodation.

We provide guidance on the living expenses you may have while you study and the financial help you can expect from government loans and grants.

Other financial help may be available from a range of bursaries, scholarships, and awards.

UK/Home students

The main sources of Government funding for UK students are the tuition fee loan for course costs and the maintenance loan to help cover living expenses. More specialised funding can be available, such as the Childcare Grant, Disabled Students' Allowance and NHS funding.

New students starting at the University in September 2016 can now apply for their tuition fee and living-cost funding from the government.

Government financial support will normally be available for the length of the course plus one extra year. Any years of previous study in higher education will be subtracted from the support for your current course. However, this is can be a complex area of funding and you are advised to contact the Student Funding Office for advice on how your funding may be affected.

Financial help from the University is provided by the University of Bristol bursary, which is in our approved 2016 Access Agreement.

EU students

EU students are eligible to apply for tuition fee loans from the UK Government and may be eligible to apply for University scholarships.

International students

International students must have enough funds in place to cover the cost of tuition fees and living expenses before arriving to study at university.

There are a range of University scholarships and awards available for international students.

Channel Islands (CI) and Isle of Man (IoM) students

To find out more about the living cost and tuition fee support you may be eligible to receive from your island government, please visit their website: