Graduation Gown Bursary

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Graduation Gown Bursary

In collaboration with our gowns’ supplier, Ede & Ravenscroft, we are delighted to offer funding to cover the cost of gown hire for approximately 200 students per year.

Who should apply?

  • Prospective graduands who find the cost of hiring a gown is a barrier to attending their graduation ceremony.
  • Priority will be given to students who have previously received financial support from the University.

What is it?

  • The Graduation Gown Bursary is a payment to cover the cost of gown hire, which ranges from £45 to £58 per student.
  • This bursary is funded through the generosity of our graduation gown supplier, Ede & Ravenscroft.

How do I apply?

Please read the terms and conditions before applying using the online form.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the bursary before applying.

When should I apply?

Applications for bursaries related to the February 2020 Graduation ceremonies will open on 4th November 2019.

Prospective graduates should apply after they have received their invitation to the graduation ceremony and before the deadline of 5pm on 23rd January 2020.

Applications for the bursary should be submitted even if you do not yet know your results. However, the bursary will only be paid if you meet the eligibility criteria for graduation.

The University of Bristol recognises that attending a graduation ceremony is an important aspect of many students’ educational journey. We are keen to ensure that cost is not a barrier to attendance for graduands who are facing financial difficulties.