Bristol Scholars Scheme

This scholarship is only available to students from the City of Bristol who have been nominated for the Bristol Scholars scheme by their Headteacher or Head of Post 16 College.

If you are not enrolled in the Bristol Scholars scheme and your residual household income is £42,620 or under, please see the information on the University of Bristol Bursary.

The Bristol Scholars scheme is intended to capture the talent we know exists in our locality, to demonstrate the University's commitment to Bristol's schools and colleges and provide alternative entry routes into our programmes.

The Bristol Scholars scheme allows Headteachers and Heads of Post 16 to select, on the basis of their academic potential, up to five students who will be eligible for a guaranteed tailored offer from the University of Bristol.

Students whose household income is £25,000 or below, who have been nominated for the Bristol Scholars scheme and are studying their first degree, will receive the following financial support during their degree:

  • A Bristol Scholars bursary for living costs of £3,750 per year (no bursary is paid in any year where you are entitled to NHS funding as part of your course).
  • A full tuition fee waiver for the first year of study only, ie, there will be no tuition fees to pay.
  • In the second and subsequent year of study, a bursary of £3,750, as long as the eligibility criteria is met.

Bristol Scholars will be contacted by the Student Funding Office at the start of each academic year to confirm the renewal of the Bristol Scholars bursary.

Please ensure you have read the full eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions of the scheme below.

Bristol Scholars 2017/18 terms and conditions

Please note:

Students receiving the Bristol Scholars package of support cannot also be considered for the University of Bristol Bursary in the same academic year.