Who is eligible?


You will be offered an Accommodation Bursary if:

  • You are a new undergraduate starting your course in 2018/19,
  • You are a Home/UK student, funded through your Regional Funding Provider (e.g. Student Finance England),
  • You are living in University-allocated accommodation,
  • Your household income is below £42,875 per annum,


  • The address given on your UCAS form falls into one of our designated areas - see below for full details.

Do I live in one of the designated areas?

You can check whether your address qualifies by using the POLAR4 checking tool and inputting your postcode.

On the results screen, if the number in the first column is either a 1 or 2, your address will qualify.



Check your postcode

Any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact a member of staff about the Accommodation Bursaries.

Please email us: